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Terms of guarantee

TonerPartner grants a 3 year warranty on all products. In addition to the statutory warranty period which is part of the purchase contact, TonerPartner grants a 3 year warranty on all toners, printer cartridges and other printer accessories delivered by us. A huge number of customers have switched to compatible consumables and are fully satisfied with the excellent quality of these compatible products.

What happens if the compatible products don’t work properly?

If in doubt, we will always decide in favour of our customers. No manufacturer of printer accessories can completely eliminate all possibilities for faults in their products. It may therefore in very rare exceptions be the case that items are not recognised by a printer, fax or multi-function device with which it should be compatible.

In such a case, TonerPartner offers a quick and uncomplicated remedy: Should any faults appear within the 3-year warranty period, of which we are notified in writing in conjunction with a copy of the relevant invoice and which can be verified (e.g. by returning the item), then faulty parts will be repaired or replaced with fault-free parts or items free of charge. The purchase receipt will in any case be considered proof for warranty claims.

What do I do if I have a warranty claim?

Please contact us before you return the goods in question to ensure the procedure will be as smooth and easy as possible.
  • You can use our easy to fill out Returns Form or simply contact us as soon as possible. Contacting us is easy if you use our Contact Form.
  • No additional shipping costs will be charged to you within the warranty period, provided the shipping is in connection with your warranty claim.
  • Any spare parts required for repairs within the scope of warranty services and relevant work time will of course be free of charge to you; any exchanged parts become our property.
  • Printers or other devices, which could be damaged as a result of the continued use of defective products must be decommissioned until the fault has been remedied.

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